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When you purchase my online sourdough class you will get access to the All Roads Lead to Sourdough eBook accompanied by 2 hours of videos demonstrating each step of the process. Plus if you live in the the United States I will send you some of my 100+ year old dehydrated sourdough starter.

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Emily Christensen

Hi, I’m Emily, the owner of Country Roads Sourdough. I’m a busy mom of 2, sourdough lover, barre instructor, medical student wife, and crochet hobbyist. I started making sourdough bread five years ago with no background in bread making and fell in love. Over the last three years, I have been teaching others my no-stress approach to making delicious sourdough bread at home on any schedule and at any skill level. I am firm believer that anyone can do it. It doesn’t have to be so serious and you don’t have to abide by all the rules. It’s just bread! You skipped a feeding, left the dough out a little too long, or forgot a step? It’s going to be ok! Let me tell you a little secret, my family happily eats all of my mistakes. So throw some butter on it and call it a day. Let’s take the pressure off of “being perfect” and just enjoy some homemade bread.

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